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EL TOUR HAS BEEN POSTPONED TO APRIL 10, 2021: After carefully monitoring the ongoing public health concerns brought on by the coronavirus pandemic and an abundance of caution for the safety and wellness of our cyclists, volunteers, staff and the communities through which we pass, the 38th Banner - University Medicine El Tour de Tucson has been postponed to Saturday, April 10, 2021.

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Rules were created for the safety and fairness for all participants, spectators and the community.  We appreciate your cooperation in following all event official rules, directives from event officials including Bike Patrol, and abiding by Arizona bicycle laws.  Rules will be enforced.  Police, Bike Patrol and other course officials will take rider numbers of violators, who will be disqualified, and who will, as a result of their violation, not receive a finishing time or ranking.

Some rule highlights:

  • Do not cross a solid or double yellow line.
  • Properly wear a CPSC-approved helmet.
  • NO aerobars on your bike
  • ONE earbud is legal, two is not… don’t block out other cyclists and traffic!
  • Human powered vehicles only!  No motorized (gas or electric) assisted bikes!
  • NO FENCE JUMPING at the start line.
  • Don’t be a DQ statistic! Help keep El Tour a safe and fun event for everyone!

Report rule violations to info@eltourdetucson.org Please include your name, contact info, the violator’s rider number, locations and details. We’ll follow up!  Thank you for helping us to keep El Tour safe and fair for all cyclists!