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If you registered for the 2020 El Tour de Tucson, your registration automatically rolls over to the 2021 El Tour.  You do not need to do anything additional.  We will see you in November!

The health and safety of the cycling community is our top priority, and all event participants and attendees will be required to adhere to specific coronavirus (COVID-19) guidelines. We are working with our city, county, state, and agency partners to plan a safe and enjoyable event and we recognize that guidelines are likely to change between now and November. We will continue to keep everyone updated on the latest health and safety procedures and guidelines.

El Tour de Tucson will follow recommendations from the CDC, the state, city and county health departments regarding COVID-19 testing and vaccinations.  We are strongly encouraging participants to get vaccinated, if eligible. However, we are not requiring vaccinations to participate at this time.

Here is a link to locations that offer free COVID-19 vaccinations.  https://www.vaccines.gov/

We are fully planning to host this event on November 20, 2021.  But, If El Tour de Tucson gets postponed due to new outbreaks, you will not lose your registration.  Your registration will be rolled over until the time that is deemed safe enough to host the event.

El Tour de Tucson will adhere to city, county and state guidelines and best practices. Depending on the future state of COVID-19 and working in collaboration with public health and medical experts.  El Tour de Tucson as well as the Fiesta & Expo are all completely outdoors.  There are currently no mask requirements for outdoor activities.  We will continue to keep participants updated on the latest health and safety procedures and guidelines.

EL TOUR IS SCHEDULED FOR  NOVEMBER 20, 2021: After carefully monitoring the ongoing public health concerns brought on by the coronavirus pandemic and an abundance of caution for the safety and wellness of our cyclists, volunteers, staff and the communities through which we pass, the 38th Banner – University Medicine El Tour de Tucson has been postponed to Saturday, November 20, 2021.

If you registered prior to the event being postponed, your registration was automatically deferred until November 20, 2021.

Revised Refund Policy due to COVID-19

We are all experiencing difficulties at this time for many reasons, understandably, it is causing great levels of stress and anxiety for many.  Our first and foremost priority is and always will be the safety and well-being of our riders and community.  El Tour will continue to monitor directions from local officials and the CDC  And share updates as appropriate.

We are aware that there are circumstances outside of some participants’ control, and to that end we are revising our refund policy.

A refund (less service fee) will be issued through  November  19th 2021 for the following scenarios:

  • Any rider that tests positive for COVID-19
  • Any rider that is a medical professional working on COVID-19

Policy for non COVID exceptions mentioned above

Registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.


  • There will be no refunds for merchandise

El Tour offices will close for the Thanksgiving holiday starting the first Wednesday after El Tour, continuing through Sunday.  For answers to your questions not found here, contact us Monday – Friday 9 am – 6 pm:  info@eltourdetucson.org or (520) 745-2033

If any changes are needed in your results (can’t find them, wrong distance, etc.), please notify us immediately by calling 520-745 2033 or e-mailing: info@eltourdetucson.org  We will research the information you give us and make changes as warranted as quickly as possible.  Remember we now use CHIP TIME.

Comments, concerns & issues should be sent to: info@eltourdetucson.org   We want to hear from you- we hope you will have a great ride but improvements can be made only if we hear from  you. Thank you for participating in El Tour!

Unofficial results will be posted within an hour of your finish.  Look for the results board near the beer garden at the finish line. They will also be posted at https://www.eltourdetucson.org/results  on El Tour Day. Please check results, if changes are needed, please email  info@eltourdetucson.org     Results are OFFICIAL and will not be altered after April 1st

El Tour’s Official Timer is On Your Left Fitness and Timing.  Your time is recorded when your chip on your bib number crosses the finish line.  Be sure you mount this number properly or your time may not be recorded- do not fold it, bend it, cut it down or put tape over it..  It will be in your rider packet/envelope.

Recumbents and handcycles must mount the “seat post” number on the frame of the bike towards the front on the undercarriage. TANDEMS must mount BOTH numbers on the seat posts.

The Official rider bib number to be pinned on your body will be marked with your estimated medallion color in the finish chute. 

Finish Line Chute volunteers will mark your bib/rider number for your medallion. The final determination of your medallion is your finish time, not the mark on your bib/rider number. For safety purposes, please MOVE OUT OF THE FINISH CHUTE area once your rider number is marked due to the continued flow of fast-approaching finishers.

START TIME IS NOW “CHIP TIME.” This means that everyone’s time starts when rolls through the starting line at the start. 

Changing event mileage?  TELL US!  Your results are recorded based on the info we have.  Last chance to change at packet pick/expo

Platinum cyclists are those in the 100-mile distance with extensive experience in riding in a pack/peloton. Cyclists must meet specific criteria to earn platinum designation and must attend a special meeting.  Visit the Platinum Designation information in the Rider Guide for more information including meeting times, how to get the pass required to enter the platinum corral on ride day, etc.

ALL PLATINUM PASSES EXPIRE AT 6:30am on ride day.  No exceptions.  Be in the platinum corral before 6:30am or you will not be allowed to enter.  Opening ceremonies will have begun.  If you earned platinum, don’t waste it by being late.

For complete details on Platinum details, click here  PLATINUM.

Armory Park Address – 221 South  6th Ave  Tucson AZ

100 Mile Start Time is 7am

Line up according to your expected finish time in one of the four medallion categories. Posted signs will identify each area.

NO FENCE JUMPING.  Some cyclists arrive as early as 3:00am to line up in front of their section.  Respect those who arrive early and do not jump the fence.  Late arrivals who jump the fence will be disqualified.

How to STAY WARM while you wait for the start time:  get sweatshirt/pants from your favorite thrift store to wear over your kit.  A few minutes before the start, toss them over the railing.  A crew will pick up all the tossed clothes which will be given to a charity thrift store.  DO  NOT LEAVE ANYTHING YOU WANT TO SEE AGAIN! 

El Tour’s FINISH LINE for all events and START LINE FOR the 102 mile, 57 mile and Chapman Auto Group Fun Ride is on SIXTH AVE between Armory Park and the Children’s Museum. Armory Park Tucson, 221 S. 6th Ave, Tucson, AZ

28 Mile Route Starts in Marana Heritage River Park and will end at Armory Park. 12375 N Heritage Park Dr, Marana, AZ 85653


102 mile El Tour start (7:00 am)

57 mile El Tour start (10:00 am)

28 mile El Tour start (12:00pm)

Chapman Automotive Group El Tour FUN RIDE start (8:00 am)

Rules were created for the safety and fairness for all participants, spectators and the community.  We appreciate your cooperation in following all event official rules, directives from event officials including Bike Patrol, and abiding by Arizona bicycle laws.  Rules will be enforced.  Police, Bike Patrol and other course officials will take rider numbers of violators, who will be disqualified, and who will, as a result of their violation, not receive a finishing time or ranking.

Some rule highlights:

  • Do not cross a solid or double yellow line.
  • Properly wear a CPSC-approved helmet.
  • NO aerobars on your bike
  • ONE earbud is legal, two is not… don’t block out other cyclists and traffic!
  • Human powered vehicles only!  No motorized (gas or electric) assisted bikes!
    (E-bikes are welcomed in the 28-mile event but not eligible for awards)
  • NO FENCE JUMPING at the start line.
  • Don’t be a DQ statistic! Help keep El Tour a safe and fun event for everyone!

Report rule violations to info@eltourdetucson.org Please include your name, contact info, the violator’s rider number, locations and details. We’ll follow up!  Thank you for helping us to keep El Tour safe and fair for all cyclists!


Approximately 125 trained Bike Patrol cyclists will be on the route in bright yellow jerseys or t-shirts.  They help with mechanical problems, minor medical needs and encouragement. If you experience a problem on route just flag down a Bike Patrol member.  To help Bike Patrol help you bring these items:  1-2 spare tubes, tire levers, tire patch kit and other basic bicycle gear; 1-2 water bottles a cell phone or change for a pay phone.  Wear a CPSC-approved bicycle helmet (required). 

Bike Patrol cyclists are event officials; they are out there to help you.   However, if necessary, they are also course marshals and will report rule violations to headquarters. Remember cyclists violating rules may be disqualified; see section “Disqualification”.

There are aid stations approximately each 7-12 miles staffed by volunteers offering bananas, oranges and water. Each will have port-o-pots.  Some stations will serve raisins (or other fruit item), cookies and/or pretzels.  The Aid Station volunteers may provide other food items.  Please be courteous to them – they are there to help you.

Aid stations along the route close according to a schedule that will allow cyclists to finish by 4:00pm.  If you are riding a pace that will NOT allow you to finish by 4:00pm the aid stations may close before you get there and other route support will be in front of you.  Please be prepared.

If you have special dietary restrictions or need more nutrition, please bring your own or plan to stop at a store along the way.

Water is the only beverage served to cyclists.  Remember to drink BEFORE you are thirsty.  Bring ELECTROLYTE REPLACEMENTS with you to help reduce cramps and muscle spasms.  Please test electrolytes on a training ride before the event. For safety reasons, cyclists stopping at aid stations MUST move OFF THE ROAD to avoid oncoming riders and vehicles.  

Be prepared at all times to stop for motor traffic along the route!  Traffic control officials move cyclists through intersections without stopping most of the time.    However, you may be stopped to relieve traffic congestion. Please be patient with the police if you are stopped. They do a great service for El Tour cyclists; give them a friendly wave as you pass by! 


Distances may be changed due to last minute construction, inclement weather or other unexpected circumstance

The route for El Tour is posted on the route/maps page.


Plan your Aid Station stops! Aid stations close according to a schedule that will allow cyclists to finish by 4:00pm.  They will NOT be open all day.  All course support, including traffic control and aid stations, will be discontinued at 4:00pm.  Finishing times will not be recorded after 4:00pm.

At Expo/Packet Pickup you will receive three types of rider numbers to identify you as an official entrant in the ride:

  1. Official Rider Number (“bib”)– this contains one  TIMING DEVICE: your primary event number (mandatory).  Pin this to your FRONT on the layer of clothing you expect to finish in.   This number will be marked with a color indicating your estimated medallion time at the finish line.  The mark is required to get your medallion.  Note: the final determination of your finish time is based on the time recorded by the timing device embedded in your handlebar number. 
  2. “Seatpost” number – this contains your second TIMING DEVICE.  You must attach this to your seat post so that it hangs horizontally and is visible as you cross the finish line.  Do not bend, fold or cut this number or cover it with tape.  If you fail to mount this number properly your time may not be recorded. It is also the ID number for FinisherPix who will be on hand at the finish and on the route snapping you in action.
  3. Helmet number –to be placed on front of helmet. The rider/bib number is for results and medallion distribution.  This helps identify you in photos!

El Tour’s START LINE for all events and FINISH LINE FOR the 102 mile, 58 mile and Fun Rides is on SIXTH AVE between Armory Park and the Children’s Museum.  Armory Park Address – 221 S 6th Tucson AZ

28 Mile Route Starts in Marana Heritage River Park and will end at Armory Park.  12375 N Heritage Park Dr, Marana, AZ 85653

Cyclists are advised to arrive one hour prior to your event starting time so you can find a place to park and get to the start line. NO FENCE JUMPING – if you want to line up in front of your corral, be there early.  There is no check-in when you arrive. You will have received all materials at Expo

Parking is available at the Tucson Convention Center parking lots.  City and county parking garages and parking lots will be open, all within blocks of Armory Park.  Caution: Remove bike from roof rack before entering parking structures! 

Please do not block driveways.  Street parking is restricted in some areas to residents… watch the street signs carefully.


102 mile El Tour start (7:00 am)

57 mile El Tour start (10:00 am)

28 mile El Tour start (12:00pm)

Chapman Automotive Group  El Tour FUN RIDE start (8:00 am)

Meetings are held for all El Tour cyclists each half-hour at El Tour Expo/Packet Pickup and contain important information about route conditions, updated cautions as well as offer safe cycling tips. Attendance is highly encouraged for all cyclists regardless of how many times you may have participated in El Tour.   

Change your mind about your El Tour distance?  No problem.  You can update your distance in your account profile on BikeReg.com  

Please DO NOT simply show up at the start line for your new distance.  Results are recorded according to our records so it’s important that we have the right distance.

Cyclists arrive from all over the country and the world to be a part of El Tour – many arrive on Friday which has the highest volume.

Each cyclist must pick up his/her own packet at El Tour’s at the Expo .  THIS IS THE ONLY PLACE PACKETS WILL BE ISSUED.  Photo ID required.    This helps assure that all cyclists have an opportunity to attend Safety & Security (Orientation Meeting) where riders receive important information, handouts and most current event information about the route, rules, etc. 

Anyone picking up a packet for someone else must bring the following to the Expo

  • Valid photo ID
  • Print-out or digital display (on a smartphone or tablet) of the QR code(s) for the individual(s) whose packet you are picking up.

Here’s how to keep your cost down: 

  • Register Early!
    The entry fee increases over time – the sooner you register, the lower the fees.  


  • Ride for Your Favorite Non-Profit



Registration for the 102-58-28-mile distances along with the Chapman Automotive Group Family Fun Ride must be completed online.

Online registration closes November 15, 2021 at 11:59pm.

After this date, the last chance to register is in person at Expo on November 18th and 19th.

Click here to register

El Tour Countdown!


TOUR DE TUCSON is checked off my bucket list!!!! What a great experience and I placed in the top 800!!! It’s not about winning it, it’s about finishing it!

Tucson is an incredible city and beautiful location for a large cycling event. El Tour brings together cyclists from all over the world and promotes cycling, personal fitness, and community engagement.

El Tour de Tucson 2019! I think this is becoming an annual family tradition. So much fun!

Amazing -We were able to raise community awareness, serve our charity and have our multi-generational family get addicted to a new sport- cycling!!

El Tour is a fantastic experience and celebration of Tucson’s cycling community.

Loved the ride. This is the 18th time I’ve done the ride and hope it comes back next year bigger and better.

@GabbyGiffords and I had a great time riding in El Tour de Tucson. I can’t think of a better representation of Tucson than thousands of people coming together outdoors to help raise money for the causes they care about.