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…Join the team that is the helping hands, eyes and ears of our events.

The Bike Patrol Team helps cyclists on the route with minor mechanical aid, first aid and moral support.  Nearly 300 certified Bike Patrol cyclists bring enthusiasm for cycling and a deep pool of experience to ensure the success of thousands of riders in Perimeter’s events every year.  They ride all or part of an event’s route stopping to assist other cyclists and report their activities to headquarters during the event. 

Each Patroller must be certified to ride an event – a short class ensuring that you know what to expect and what is expected of you during an event.  Certifications must be renewed every two (2) years.

All Bike Patrol Team members in an event receive a special Bike Patrol finishers medallion, an event t-shirt and could qualify for the Outstanding Bike Patrol

The Bike Patrol Team stands out from other cyclists with either the Bike Patrol Jersey or a special Bike Patrol t-shirt that must be worn while patrolling an event.

You can purchase a BP jersey ($50) which is far more comfortable and stylish.

It’s not all about being on the bike.  Sometimes help is needed to:

  1. answer phones on ride day to record activity of BP on the route
  2. staff the Bike Patrol/Route booth at Expo/packet pickup
  3. conduct the Safety/Orientation meetings at Expo
  4. help manage the start lines, especially at the platinum area
  5. teach a certification class


Have the desire to help others-you must stop to help others

  1. understand that you will not be timed for an event
  2. knowledge & experience changing tubes on a bike (this is the most frequent activity during an event)
  3. knowledge of replacing a chain
  4. get certified (see class schedule)
  5. register for an event
  6. ride the event and report your activity

IMPORTANT:  Bike Patrol is for those who want to help/give back to the event and cyclists.  It is not for anyone seeking a cheap entry to the ride.


We strive to gain the support of bike shops and sponsors to help but have found that Bike Patrollers’ direct relationships with their favorite bike shop will often help with bike-related supplies such as tubes, tire levers, patch kits, pumps, as well as electrolyte replacement gels/powders.    El Tour will supply a small kit with first aid supplies and as much bike stuff as we can get for you.

What Bike Patrollers traditionally bring:

  • tubes/ patched or new
  • tire levers
  • pump – the bigger ones (don’t wear out your arms)
  • electrolyte powders
  • bananas (from an aid station)

Bike Patrol Manual

The Bike Patrol Manual is a ready handbook of policies and procedures, event rules and other important information.  A hard copy is provided at Certification classes.

Click here to see the Bike Patrol Team Handbook

Bike Patrol List

Current Bike Patrol List

Help us keep our list current.  Let us know if we missed crediting you for an event. Also, check your certification date.  If your certification is not current, please plan to attend a class before your next event.  Thanks!

Bike Patrol List  Updated April 25, 2022

Certification Class Schedule

We will have online Certifications on the following dates, please click the link below to schedule a date that works for you:
Future Dates:TBD

Please email bikepatroleltour@gmail.com to register

In person trainings are also available at the El Tour Office on the following Dates:
Future Dates TBD

If you are interested, email bikepatroleltour@gmail.com to register

Bike Patroller of the Year Honors

Bill Sarnack
Jim Elkan
Greg Yares
Dennis Culley
Robert Hooper
Andy Depew
Richard Moeur
Eric Gonnason
Jim & Debra Harms
Bill Scott
Michael W Smith

Bike Patrol Hall of Fame

Michael W Smith
Mike Chew Sharon Newman-Matt Rudy Van Renterghem
Doug Crockett Walter Paciorek Greg Yares
Michael Sharp
Radar Matt Andrew Pezzulo, Jr William Sarnack
Joe Cimino Lee Ann Hamilton Andrew Lamb
Spencer Davis Randy Hamilton Chuck Pinney
Robert Epstein Larry Heaton Robert Ryan
Thomas Fruciano Robert Hooper James Ulmer
Steve Graeber Avery Jones
Scott Bavarian Jim Elkan Dale Oldham
Valerie Beckam Linda Epstein Janice Peterson
Byron Brandon Randy Garmon Ralph Prince
Ken Brandstatt Micheal Gordy Richard Qualls
Allan Cameron Bob Graninger Patrick Rinckey
Stephen Carlat Jill Hewins Jack Rubino
Paul Cinalli Gregory Lor Richard Scott
Nancy Clayton Al Miller Richard Smith
Dennis Culley James Mills Vinny Yakanin
Marty Doane Tom Mouch

2024 El Tour Countdown!


EL TOUR DE TUCSON is checked off my bucket list!!!! What a great experience and I placed in the top 800!!! It’s not about winning it, it’s about finishing it!

Tucson is an incredible city and beautiful location for a large cycling event. El Tour brings together cyclists from all over the world and promotes cycling, personal fitness, and community engagement.

El Tour de Tucson is becoming an annual family tradition. So much fun!

Amazing! We were able to raise community awareness, serve our charity and have our multi-generational family get addicted to a new sport- cycling!!

El Tour is a fantastic experience and celebration of Tucson’s cycling community.

Loved the ride. This is the 18th time I’ve done the ride and hope it comes back next year bigger and better.