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Law Matters now part of El Tour non-profits; has been an admirer for more than seven years

Since the inception of Law Matters Live Weekly Radio Show, they’ve always had an eye on El Tour de Tucson. They are all about safety in Tucson.

Now, seven years later they are part of the iconic ride, which will celebrate 40 years on the road.

We have talked about El Tour on our radio show for seven years, asking people to be watchful of the riders,” said Sherry Harrison, of Law Matters, “now, we are loving being part of its history.”

El Tour loves having you as part of it. You join nearly 60 non-profit partners who have realized the power of El Tour as it pertains to raising money. If you want to ride for Law Matters visit: https://www.pledgereg.com/lawmatters

Law Matters Live Weekly Radio Show is a 501(c)3 non-profit looking for a team to ride in El Tour and to help raise funds to support educating our listeners to create safer communities for everyone, by listening to what law enforcement can teach us. We also host events for students and parents alike to understand what issues they should watch for on line and off.

Law Matters started a live weekly radio show in 2016, with no seed money, no business plan, no guidance, and no radio experience, just a wild idea to stop the inexcusable violence toward law enforcement as well as rising violence in general.

Since then, they have evolved into hosting educational events such as screenings of movies/documentaries adding Q&A sessions with the legal authorities on the subject matter presented.

These events offer educational opportunities and awareness on topics such as sex and human trafficking, domestic violence, active shooter, illegal drugs, scams, border issues, gun violence, sextortion, modern slavery, and the list goes on. These shows have helped countless people with drug addiction, targets of scams, and victims of other illegal and dangerous crimes.

To learn more visit: AM1030 the Voice or live stream on www.LawMatters1030.org every Saturday at 8 a.m. Arizona time.