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Stewart Title back at El Tour front and center with Main Stage Sponsorship

Shawna Ruboyianes knows all about the give back and pay it forward.

As president of Stewart Title, she does it everyday … and continues to do it through Stewart Title’s sponsorship of El Tour’s Main Stage. They’ll be back in that capacity for the fifth year in 2024 where all things El Tour will be spotlighted in Downtown Tucson at the Tucson Convention Center.

It’s visible and up front – big and bold – for an event that has grown to record-breaking numbers. Last year, El Tour had more than 9,000 participants. In 2024, it could be more than that.

“Every year all the bands play there, and it’s a great place for everybody to congregate,” said Ruboyianes, also El Tour’s board chair. “It’s a perfect sponsorship where you can let the community see you’re a part of their world.”

It’s the centerpiece to El Tour’s sculpture. It’s there for three days – front and center where it all happens during before and after the ride and always there for the Fiesta Expo.

Stewart Title is right there, as is Ruboyianes, who practices what she preaches. She’s a cyclist, too, and a frequent participant in El Tour.

Last year, she said, “it was a great ride” even with a short drizzle as cyclists made their way back to the finish line halfway through the day.

Shawna Ruboyianes (on left)

What impressed Ruboyianes – in a way that shows El Tour is far-reaching – was 43 percent of cyclists last year were first-time participants in the event. The event also had more than 100 adaptive cyclists and a new running event that included more than 900 runners.

“That’s amazing,” she said. “There’s a lot to be proud of.”

She recently completed her first year as El Tour’s Chair.

“Year 40 was pretty amazing,” she said, “but we can always build on that. It was exciting to see we had the runners here this year. I don’t know how we’ll top it but we’ll find a way.”

Stewart TitleAgain, Stewart Title helps El Tour greatly in part because it helps bring the entire community together, including all of Tucson with so many non-profit organizations, participants and sponsors.

It epitomizes what El Tour has become through the years – a bigger, better event. It’s more than a ride now, but one of the best cycling events in the country (USA Today recognized that in 2023).

Since 1983, El Tour events have helped raise more than $120 million for local and national charities. More than 270,000 cyclists have ridden in El Tour events through the year. More than 9,000 are expected to ride in this year’s event on Nov. 23.

Stewart Title and El Tour have grown up together. Stewart Title in Tucson started in 1983 and has “partnered on real estate transactions with customers, delivering a title closing experience second to none.”

They know the Tucson real estate world and have closed countless real estate transactions here. They have friends here. They understand how Arizonans do business, and we see every interaction as a chance to continue building a long, mutually beneficial relationship.