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EL TOUR REMAINS ON COURSE: Amid the current situation as it relates to the spread of COVID-19, El Tour remains on-course. We will continue to monitor and adhere to all authoritative mandates issued by the CDC and local health officials. Your health and safety is our number one priority.

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Rider Numbers

At Expo/Packet Pickup you will receive three types of rider numbers to identify you as an official entrant in the ride:

  1. Official Rider Number (“bib”): your primary event number (mandatory).  Pin this to your BACK on the layer of clothing you expect to finish in.   This number will be marked with a color indicating your estimated medallion time at the finish line.  The mark is required to get your medallion.  Note: the final determination of your finish time is based on the time recorded by the timing device embedded in your handlebar number. The handlebar number is not a substitute for the bib number.
  2. “Handlebar” number – this contains your TIMING DEVICE.  You must attach this to your handlebars so that it hangs horizontally in front and is visible on your approach to the finish line.  Do not bend, fold or cut this number or cover it with tape.  If you fail to mount this number properly your time may not be recorded. It is also the ID number for MarathonFoto who will be on hand at the finish and on the route snapping you in action.
  3. Helmet number –to be placed on front of helmet. The rider/bib number is for results and medallion distribution.  This one is not required but it helps identify you in photos!