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Active 20-30 Club of Southern Arizona riding for Candlelighters Childhood

They are a small but powerful group. They are the Active 20-30 Club of Southern Arizona.

This is their first year in El Tour de Tucson.

Five women will be riding for Candlelighters Childhood.

“El Tour is one of the biggest events in Tucson and we’re glad to be part of it,” said Brenda Gerardo of 20-30. “Now that it’s 40 years that’s just so impressive. We know people come from out of state and all over to ride in it. We also want people to know that we’re here (and available).

They hope to raise about $1,000.

Gerardo will be riding for the group and invites anyone who wants to participate to look into riding for them. They can ride any of the mileages El Tour has. They are preparing for the ride with exercise rides every Friday morning.

Gerardo said she’s ridden in El Tour once – in 2014 – but she’s excited to be back. “It’s probably going to take me eight hours,” she joked. “But I’ll get it done.”

Overall, the 20-30 Club has seven official members and could have more. If you’d like to help the club, visit https://m.facebook.com/2030SouthernAZ/ .