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Bicycling considered “essential activity” during these tough times

Arizona governor Doug Ducey has declared the state’s residents to “stay home” but included a list of “essential activities” people can do under this his order to “limit their time” away from home.

Cycling has made the list of “essential activities” but with a precaution.

“Only if appropriate physical distancing practices are used.”

Steve Wetmore agreed with the precaution.

“I see lots of folks out riding, but it concerns me when I see a group of six to eight riding two abreast and not keeping six feet apart,” said Wetmore, who owns Sabino Cycles and is a cycling advocate. “Practice physical distancing at all times.”

He’s doing so at his shop, one of many bicycling shops that have remained open throughout Tucson. He said his shop is “honoring social distancing and the rules are enforced at the shop.”

“We have closed off the service area and are not allowing customers into the store past the front couple feet,” Wetmore said. “Staff will find out what the customer needs and will get it for them. There’s no trying on of clothes, no test rides at this time.”

He added, “We are focused on protecting our employees as well as the customer during these times.”

Some shops have changed their hours of operation as has Bicycle Ranch (Check with your local bike shop for hours, days and if it is open)

Steve Morganstern said he’s noticed people still wanting to be outside and cycling being one of benefactors.

“People are looking to stay active and healthy and this is a way to be outside and keep social distancing,” said Morganstern, owner of Bicycle Ranch Tucson. “Lots of people are getting out bikes that have been in storage and people are buying new bikes.

“They might realize how fun it is since they can’t get in a gym. Luckily the weather is going to be perfect this month, not too hot so it’s something everyone can take advantage of. We are seeing parents getting kids out from in front of (TV and video) screens and having fun!”