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El Tour’s 1st Virtual Ride a Great Success behind TWENTY20 Pro Cycling

What a great inaugural El Tour de Tucson virtual Ride!

The group – which had more than 50 riders and was led by Amanda Coker and TWENTY20 Pro Cycling – rode for an hour around the Tick Tock course in Watopia on Saturday.

“It was a pleasure to lead the inaugural El Tour de Tucson meet up group ride on Zwift,” said Coker, an Ultra Distance World Record Holder and a member of TWENTY20. “It was great discussing everyone’s favorite memories from their previous years riding in El Tour, what charities they ride for, and even where their favorite post-ride hangout is in Tucson. Hearing fellow cyclists share their stories such as flying down smooth descents, the beautiful weather they have during the ride year after year, their favorite sections of the Tour routes, the joy of riding with their family and friends, and especially the wonderful scenery around Tucson.” 

During this fun and social hour of the virtual ride, one could get the sense of how strong the community surrounding the El Tour de Tucson is!

TWENTY20 is already looking forward to our next group meetup ride on Zwift, which will take place on Saturday, July 11 at 6 a.m. pacific time (9 a.m. eastern).

We will again use the ‘Keep Everyone Together’ feature so we can maintain the group dynamic and keep the fun conversations going.

“We had a great turnout for the Zwift El Tour de Tucson group ride,” said  Shayna Powless. “I had the pleasure of sweeping the group and we had a blast talking about past El Tours and cycling in general! Talking about last year’s Tour reminded me of the wonderful time I had participating in and leading last year’s Kids Fun Ride, which included a post-event Q&A with kids from the local Pascua Yaqui tribe who also participated in the event. I can’t wait to return for this year’s El Tour!”

Be sure to follow Amanda Coker so you’ll receive the next El Tour meetup ride invite (July 11). And also follow ride sweepers, Shayna Powless, Nicola Cranmer, Natalia Franco, and Simone Boilard on the Zwift Companion App so we can invite you to future rides!

See you on July 11! And Ride On!