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Order of DeMolay looking to have an impact at El Tour, other events

The energetic youth from Order de Molay were hard to ignore. They were everywhere, giving high fives, introducing themselves and saying hello to anyone who would stop to say hi.

It’s that kind of group here in Tucson. They were part of the annual Pima County El Tour Loop de Loop and will participate in El Tour de Tucson on Nov. 18.

We welcome them. They even stayed to help wrap up the event. Who wouldn’t love those kids and what they stand for?

Team Order of DeMolay at annual Pima Country El Tour Loop de Loop (Photo Courtesy Order of DeMolay)

According to their website, the Order of DeMolay is an international fraternal organization for young men ages 12 to 21 DeMolay is a youth-led, adult-advised organization in which young men learn to plan, organize, and facilitate their own philanthropic and charitable programs. The organization’s purpose is to develop young men of character, leadership, and civic responsibility. DeMolay members participate in a variety of activities, including community service, leadership development, and social events.

“We’ve made some great contacts here,” said Suzi Lowery, DeMolay’s events advisor for Tucson. “When these kids come together they have great success. It’s a leadership group, but at the same time, it’s like a brotherhood or sisterhood.”

They meet and plan out six months to see where they’ll be and where they’ll help. It’s important.

“it’s all about volunteering and helping out,” she said. “Any boy or girl can come join us.”

It’s for all types. Everyone is accepted.

“They all have roles,” she said. “They have to show respect for each other, respect for women, respect for their community.”

Leadership is important. They learn how to speak in public, how to dress and be professional.

Statewide they have about 250 participants overall and locally they have 20-25 overall. Tucson’s chapter is the second oldest in the country.

“We want kids to have a place … we know kids have a tendency to not get involved,” she said.

To help them – or ride for them – visit: https://www.pledgereg.com/az-order-of-demolay