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Order of DeMolay preparing for bigger impact at 41st El Tour

 Order of DeMolay is back! And, we are thankful it is because all involved made a very good impression and had a great impact on El Tour de Tucson.

The kids and the organization did exactly what they said they would: be involved and make a difference.

 “We have loved our work with El Tour de Tucson,” said Suzi Lowery, DeMolay’s events advisor for Tucson. “As we are an organization focused on service, our kids had a blast greeting riders, handing out medals and food/drinks, as well as preparing food, and meeting the other volunteers.”

Order of DeMolay team at 2023 El Tour Loop de Loop.

We’re more than six months out from the 41st El Tour and the Tucson chapter of Order of DeMolay is preparing for what’s ahead, getting additional help from the Casa Grande and Chandler chapters.

The more the merrier, right?

Our state youth officers are going to promote the El Tour de Tucson as a statewide service event for all chapters,” she said. “If this happens, we could end up possibly having 70-plus volunteers (parents and youth) onsite to help out in 2024!”

According to their website, the Order of DeMolay is an international fraternal organization for young men ages 12 to 21 DeMolay is a youth-led, adult-advised organization in which young men learn to plan, organize, and facilitate their own philanthropic and charitable programs. The organization’s purpose is to develop young men of character, leadership, and civic responsibility. DeMolay members participate in a variety of activities, including community service, leadership development, and social events.

It has more than 200 youth involved in Arizona and over 12,000 members internationally.  We also have many advisors and adults who volunteer monthly as well.

An interesting note is that the chapter in Tucson is the second oldest continuous chapter worldwide for all of DeMolay, being over 103 years old.

It’s a nonprofit, continuing to raise funding for its effort.

“We hope to raise $5,000 to share with our state community to help pay for statewide events such as leadership camp held up in Prescott, congress to elect new officers, fun events, and more,” Suzi said.

This year, they hope to do more than help wherever the help is needed. They intend to get a group of cyclists to ride in El Tour. They’ll know by July if that will occur.

But for certain they will be volunteering – and be good at it. The kids they have make it a point to make sure what they do has a purpose.

“DeMolay focuses on meeting kids where they are at in life,” she said. “Though we focus on leadership, public speaking, etc., for many, our organization serves as a safe place to come and interact with other kids. In Tucson, we have both families and youth attend our meetings, serve dinner at each business event, and try to pay for as many events as possible for kids to lessen the financial burden for their parents. Our focus is on teaching youth to be respectful of others and themselves, support for public education, respect for women and family, as well as trying to teach them skills to carry over into adulthood.”

To be a part of Order of DeMolay or if you’d like more information on the Tucson chapter, please contact southops.director@azdemolay.org.