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Water for People has been with El Tour for years; help them fund raise

We’ll have more than 60 nonprofits as part of the Banner – University Medicine 40th El Tour. It’s a big number for a big anniversary.

One of the nonprofits is Water For People. They’ve been with us for a few years and once again. They work for a great cause.

You can change everything by being a part of their Ripple Effect. You can fund raise on behalf of Water For People, an organization who is bringing clean water and sanitation solutions to communities for generations to come.

Safe water, reliable sanitation services, and proper hygiene education can change everything. Children are able to stay in school, and people live longer, healthier lives. Access to these basic necessities increases education levels and prosperity for individuals, communities, and countries.

You can help us bring lasting change to people all over the world with a donation, and you can magnify that impact even more by creating your own fundraiser.

Together let’s create a world where everyone has water and sanitation solutions — forever.

To join their team of cyclists visit: https://fundraise.waterforpeople.org/site/TRR/RippleEffect/General/533068333?pg=ptype&fr_id=1060