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Balloons, balloons and much much more at the Fun Ride Finish Line for El Tour

If you like lots of color and if you like fun, you’ll love what Jenn Preciado has in store for the Fun Ride on Nov. 19.

Lots and lots and, well, lots of balloons at the start-finish line for the hundreds of kids that are expected to ride in the event. They’ll also have face painting and balloon animals throughout ride day. Get there early and stay for the day.

She likes parties and kids so she’s bringing her business – That Balloon Girl – to the El Tour party.

“We love kids and bringing smiles to people,” she said. “We’re trying to make our corner of the world a better place.”

She’ll make El Tour a better place for sure. A few hundred balloons will be used that day, with many to commemorate the start-finish with a rainbow of balloons for those who start and finish.

She knows what she’s doing, having been in the business 10 years.

“We started making balloons in a restaurant to make ends meet, and from there we have grown the business to be one of the premier entertainment companies in town and we strive every time to bring the best we can be and brighten the day of the children we are privileged to work with,” she said.

Her company does a number of events in the year. This will be her first time working El Tour.

“It’s going to be a big finish-line arch — gonna be rainbow and pretty and fun and I’m thinking potentially I’m going to put some twist on it,” she said. “I have to do a test drive here to make sure that it like it runs before I like lay it out. We’re thinking of kind of a candy theme.”

So, everyone is in for a bright, colorful day at the finish line. They’ll be making balloon animals and have face painting as well on Saturday, Ride Day.