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Be Safe: Tips for cycling in (extremely) hot temperatures

It’s hot out there. Um, really hot out there. If you are planning on getting out for a quick – or long – bike ride here are some tips from Bicycling.com.

Again, we’re all pretty much feeling record-setting heat – dry heat or not.

Get Acclimated
Prepare, prepare, prepare. You might think you’re used to the heat but you’re probably
Ride early or late in the day when temperatures are the coolest. Use your down time to get used to the heat. If you must ride during high heat (usually between noon and two o’clock), be sure to take breaks in the shade and hydrate well.

Cyclist Paul Medina up early in Phoenix for a ride.

Protect Yourself
No one likes to get a sunburn. Lather up! Additionally, the sun fatigues you – on a bike or not. Wear a sunscreen. Wear light color clothing. And, oh, don’t forget the back of your neck. It’s a prime target.

Plan Ahead
To prevent your drink from quickly adopting the temperature of warm tea, freeze one bottle at half full and another at the three-quarter mark before topping them off. Consuming cold fluids will help keep your core temperature down and your performance up.

Cool Down
If your core temperature climbs too high, performance and health can suffer. Instead, pour cool water over your neck and forearms, or wipe them down with a cool, damp towel.

Ease Up
Take it easy while out. These hot – very hot – days aren’t normal days so use precaution and enjoy the day out. Don’t overdue it. Maybe just take half the ride you would normally take under better weather conditions.