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Ben’s Bells message of Be Kind will once again be part of El Tour

Ben’s Bells are everywhere. You know that because kindness is everywhere. Ben’s Bells helps spread that kindness, and has for years.

They’ll be part of El Tour de Tucson once again, helping raise money for their great cause. In fact, they’ve been with El Tour for years.

Here’s their message: Join Ben’s Bells and ride for Team Kind in the 40th Annual El Tour de Tucson! This scenic ride will take you around Tucson on Saturday, November 18. Not only will you cherish the memories you make during El Tour de Tucson, but you will also get to make an impact by supporting Ben’s Bells.

When you register to ride for Team Kind, you pledge to fundraise to support our kindness programs. Ben’s Bells’ founder, Jeannette Maré, took a tragic situation and chose to share her journey of healing and hope. Since 2002, Ben’s Bells has grown from an initial Bell distribution to offer kindness education programming, beautiful visual reminders of kindness through murals, community engagement and volunteer opportunities, and so much more! We are grateful for the support we have received that allows us to make a difference in the community.

To join Ben’s team visit: https://bensbells.org/eltour/

If you don’t know already, Ben’s Bells are colorful ceramic ornaments hung in communities throughout the world as symbols of kindness for people to find and take home. Thousands of volunteers visit our studios and help us make Bells each year. By the time each Bell is hung, many hands have had a part in its journey, and it represents the efforts of an entire community coming together to make one person’s day a little kinder.

But that’s not all they do!

Ben’s Bells educates communities about the skills we need to make kindness part of our daily lives. Kindness is a skill set that can be learned, and a series of small actions practiced regularly makes a larger impact than a single random act. Our programs are designed to help us understand the human brain so we can develop our awareness and compassion – both for ourselves and others.