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Cemex: Talking ‘Safer Roads Together Program’ at El Tour, Come see their big truck

If you’ve been on the roads in Tucson or anywhere in Arizona, you’ve seen the Cemex trucks out and about. They’re the big red-and-blue striped truck with materials in its big drum.

You can’t miss them when you come visit the Nova Home Loans Fiesta & Expo at the Tucson Convention Center for the 39th El Tour de Tucson.

They are in the front – big and bold.

This is the third event they’ve made their presence with El Tour having been part of last year’s El Tour and with the El Tour de Mesa in the spring.

They love the vibe and feel of El Tour. They are also the promoters of “Safer Roads Together Program.”

We love that and they love it. It’s a perfect marriage.


“We have cyclists within our organizations that are participating in the event, and this is a big community event,” said Debbie Halderman, Director of Government Affairs and Communication. “This is an opportunity to promote our Safer Roads Together program to show the cyclists and pedestrians alike there are distractions and areas not seen by the driver around the truck. We love being out here.”

Safety is a priority. They want to make sure when their truck is around people are safe. They want people – cyclists, runners, walkers, anyone – the drivers have blind spots. If you are near one, let them know. Raise a hand, show a presence.

Be safe.

In addition to having the truck front and center, Cemex will have five riders in the event.

“They are representing Cemex,” Halderman said.

And they represent Arizona given they are operating throughout Arizona.

“We have aggregate facilities, we have cement terminals, we have ready-mix concrete plants, where we (mix) the concrete that goes out to projects,” she said. “It’s for housing, infrastructure … anywhere that needs concrete.”

She said they have about 1,000 in Arizona, 35 ready-mix plants, 30 aggregate facilities throughout the state, but are a global company and in 50 countries. They were founded in 1906.

They are part of the community. Not just in Tucson. But El Tour is Tucson, and they are present.

“This is not just about the riders,” Halderman said. “There are a lot of people walking around. There are families out to see what’s going on and be outdoors. It’s going to be a great race.”

We think so too. Enjoy and go visit the big truck.

For more information on Cemex go to  cemex.com.