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Dragoon Brewing Co: ‘A no-brainer’ to be part of El Tour de Zona

At Dragoon Brewing Company, they take their mission seriously. And El Tour de Tucson is grateful for it because, well, they are back as a big sponsor for the second El Tour de Zona on March 24-25-26 in Sierra Vista/Bisbee/Tombstone.

It’s their mission to make the best beer and “share it with our friends, family and community we live and work in.”

Tucson is their home and El Tour benefits from it. But Southern Arizona has been a newish market they’ve been trying to get establish some footing. So,  it was a “huge factor” why they decided to sponsor the event.

“We had a great time down there and the event was awesome,” said Tristan White, general manager/co-owner of Dragoon Brewing Company. “It being a first-year event we were curious how things would go – and it was our first time working with the El Tour group – but we had a great time. We knew the brand … many of our people did.

“And the event was awesome. It was very well run. People responded to the event.”

More than 750 cyclists from all over the country three great days of cycling in and around the Southern Arizona area. The event proved to be popular, so much so more than 1,000 cyclists are expected to participate in the casual weekend of camping, riding, dancing, socializing and, of course, fun.

“For us, it was a no-brainer (and) it just seemed like it was a good fit,” White said. “We felt it was a good opportunity for us to reach new people. The people seemed very eager and hungry for craft beer.

“It’s a good fit.”

And, well, cycling and good beer go hand in hand. Who doesn’t like a good beer after a nice ride? Right?

And yes, the cyclists drank … a lot.

They’ll also have a cycling presence as well. Some employees have a social ride – get together – and have for a few years. It’s a reason why they are involved in the local bike scene. They were recently the beer sponsor for 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo.

“We’ve got our hands in a lot of cycling events,” Tristan said. “While I’m not a cyclist we are very much involved.”

Cycling is not only in their blood but in their beer.

“We’re looking forward to it,” he said.