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El Tour de Tucson: ‘Proud of our partnership with Tucson Subaru’ because they are community minded

This is why we love being associated with Tucson Subaru:

They will be donating $100,000 from funds raised during the 2020 Share The Love Event to Youth On Their Own (YOTO). This is the sixth year Tucson Subaru will be donating funds.

“El Tour de Tucson is proud of our continued partnership with Tucson Subaru,” said TJ Juskiewicz, El Tour de Tucson Executive Director. “It is great to see community-minded companies continue to support Tucson charities!”

Tucson Subaru is the proud sponsor of El Tour’s Pace Car.

Through the six years, Tucson Subaru has contributed $500,000 to Tucson Youth On Their Own.

Subaru donated $250 each time a customer purchased or leased a new Subaru vehicle from the Share The Love Event.

“They are able to overcome some horrible adversity in their lives and conquer it by staying in school and graduating!” said Tucson Subaru owner Rocky DiChristofano. “YOTO graduates have proven this over and over again, and that’s why I feel so strongly about supporting YOTO’s program and mission for our community!”