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El Tour jerseys pop with color and have a retro feel; you’ll be noticed!

Want to be one of the first cyclists to get this year’s El Tour jerseys? Here’s your chance. They are ready for you on our website.

Get one while you register for this year’s ride on Nov. 18, 2023. They’ll be available through the El Tour store later this month.

They are, um, rad! A bit retro and colorful.

“Yes, definitely, retro — 80s,” said Joe Pagac, who has designed El Tour jerseys for the last six years.

He does a terrific job and he did again this year.

They are bright, colorful and, of course, cool.

“Every year, I’ve tried to do something very different from the other years,” Pagac said. “So, this is just another totally different one. I think most people wouldn’t recognize that. All the jerseys from the last six, seven years have been.”

It has bright yellows, bright oranges, shades of blue, and some pink.

Oh, that color … with a nice desert landscape.

“I always am trying to find ways to do bicycle race poster/jersey that’s still kind of my own,” he said, “but also make it totally different from anything else I’ve done before. This is what came out.”

It all comes from the unbelievable imagination and talent of Pagac, who has several great murals in and around Tucson.

“I’ve been listening to just a whole lot of 80s-style music lately and doing more murals and artwork that kind of looks like that,” he said. “Those bright colors are exactly what you want when you’re out riding. They are very visible when you are out riding. I thought it’d be really fun to just work with like some real bright, intense neon 80s, early 90s type colors and do something in that vein. (El Tour officials) were cool enough to let me put some ideas together pitch it and they liked it.”

Ride on!