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Explore The Loop – The Portions less Traveled

If you’re cycling in Tucson you’ve probably seen an influx of cyclists all over the city. People are getting out and exercising. Yea!

You’ve also probably seen lots of cyclists on The Chuck Huckelberry Loop. Take advantage of it, but also explore many parts of The Loop where the cycling traffic is less. Here’s a quick list of areas to enjoy with fewer cyclists: The Julian Wash portion, Southeast parts of Pantano Wash and the Santa Cruz (from Avra Valley in Marana to Valencia) are not as congested.

Think out of the box as you ride and explore nice, safe places on The Loop.

We’ve provided a link to the interactive map of The Loop here.

And, of course, always think about rider safety.

Writer Bill Sarnack provided these quick tips for Tuesday’s Tips:

Like many of you I have been taking advantage of the nice weather in the mornings to go for a bike ride. Many of my rides are done on The Loop path and I’ve noticed a large increase in usage by walkers, runners, and riders of varying abilities. I’ve experienced a number of unsafe situations and a couple of near-miss (or near-hit) instances.

Bill Sarnack

To promote safe riding, I offer the following suggestions/guidelines:

  • Please be courteous & responsible when passing others.  Before passing make sure it is safe to do so then let them know you are going to pass by saying “Passing left” or “On your left”.  Passing others on a bridge, underpass, overpass or a turn is risky and ill advised.
  • Please use hand signals or a verbal warning to let others know when you are turning/slowing/stopping.  If you stop then please pull off the path so that others may proceed safely. Stopping on a bridge, underpass, overpass or at an intersection is also ill advised and could cause an accident.
  • Be mindful of the path conditions. There are a number of locations with sharp/blind corners, loose sand or a narrowed path. The warmer weather also means more wildlife including rattlesnakes.

Have a safe and enjoyable ride.


About Bill

Bill is a recently retired engineer and is the current co-Director of El Tour Bike Patrol.  He has lived in Tucson for 32 years and rode the El Tour VII 113 mile event.  He has been riding Bike Patrol since 2002 and has ridden in 30 PBAA events.  He enjoys road biking, touring & mountain biking as well as woodworking, camping, hiking, whitewater rafting and travel.  Bill supports GABA, El Grupo, BiCAS & Homestretch Foundation.