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Homicide Survivors back riding at El Tour with bigger team ready for ‘amazing’ ride

Joe Acevedo-Mora is back riding for Homicide Survivors. He’s their beacon of sorts, given he was the lone rider for the organization last year.

Well, he’s back and he has inspired 11 others to join him for this year’s ride. Even Paula Lopez, the organization’s victim advocate.

“It was awesome to support them in that first year,” Joe said. “My husband will be riding and we’re trying to get everyone involved.”

Paula Lopez (left), Juan Acevedo-Mora (center) and Joe Acevedo-Mora right (Photo courtesy Homicide Survivors)

So, 12 riders it is. And they are ready for what’s ahead. They’ve been preparing for months to help raise money for the organization.

“I decided to ride because it’s such a great community and Joe has inspired me,” said Lopez, the organization’s marketing strategist/victim advocate. “They show such kindness.”

Homicide Survivors, Inc is the only organization in Southern Arizona dedicated solely to meeting the crisis and long-term needs of families of murder victims. Through support, advocacy, and assistance, they help survivors cope emotionally, stabilize economically and seek justice for their loved ones. Since 1982, Homicide Survivors has been committed to ensuring that no one has to endure the murder of a loved one alone.

Lopez stressed you don’t have to be a victim or a survivor to help the organization. Anyone and everyone who wants to help – in any way – can help. It’s why Joe decided to help. Last year, he decided to help after visiting Homicide Survivors’ booth at the annual Loop de Loop. He became inspired by the cause and now he’s their guy who helps lead the group on a bike.

The Pied Piper, of sorts.

“If riders are still thinking about riding for anyone they can ride with us,” Lopez said.

Last year, they raised $1,500 and now that could be much more.

“It felt amazing helping them,” Acevedo-Mora said.

There’s still time to register for them at El Tour de Tucson – Homicide Survivors Inc