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Tucson Water: ‘A proud supporter of El Tour de Tucson’

Got water? Well, we do and all thanks to Tucson Water, a longtime sponsor of El Tour de Tucson.

They’ll bring and the cyclists – likely 9,000 on the any one of the four courses will use the H2O Tucson Water will provide.

“Tucson Water is a proud supporter of El Tour de Tucson,” said Natalie DeRook, Senior Public Information Director for Tucson Water. “It’s such a wonderful event. It’s a Tucson classic. I can remember back to my childhood days, which was many, many decades ago and seeing El Tour and being really proud that we can sponsor an event like this and of this magnitude where we see so many people out on bicycles, just participating in what is a wonderful event.”

Tucson Water will be providing a hydration station down at the rodeo grounds for those who pass by or are going to the area to cheer cyclists on.

“It’s cool, clear water that’s absolutely delicious,” she said.

There will be plenty of volunteers helping out at the rodeo grounds handing out water bottles, as well. Pete the Beak, Tucson Water’s mascot, will also be there to assist and have fun with everyone.

It’s a perfect situation for the kids, too, given Tucson Water is a sponsor of El Tour’s coloring contest and the Fun Ride bike decorating contest.

“Tucson Water is excited to be out there with Tucson kids, taking a look at their coloring contest entries,” she said. “We also know kids understand the importance of water. We also want them to understand the importance of the water cycle. We’re excited to see what the kids can do and we are here to support them.”