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Landis returns to El Tour! To ride tandem to maybe create magic from 25 years ago

He’s back! He would be Floyd Landis, who has made El Tour de Tucson a favorite spot to get back on his bike and take in the scenes.

He was last here in 2018 when he and his tandem partner started the race and then, heck, to veer off the course and just take in the weather and Tucson scenery.

This year, it looks like Landis will be tackling the 102-mile course with riding partner Paul Thomas.

“It means a lot to be returning to El Tour de Tucson this year,” Landis said. “I have a great memory of winning the tandem category 25 years ago with Arnie Baker, and this year I’ll be back at it again with Paul Thomas. I’ve been training a lot lately and feel great on the bike, but if Paul wants to go for a solo break I’ve been practicing my tuck and roll.”

He’s been riding gravel races the past few weeks in preparation for El Tour.

So it looks like he’s ready to take on the challengers. We look forward to seeing him and Thomas this weekend. There’s also a good chance you’ll be able to catch Landis at the Let’s Ride Camp on Friday beginning at noon.