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Tucson Optometry Clinic has the vision to be part of the 40th El Tour; will be the Bike Valet Sponsor

Tucson Optometry Clinic has great vision when it comes to El Tour de Tucson. Of course, their vision goes beyond a bike ride in Southern Arizona.

“Vision plays a crucial role in cycling due to the dynamic nature of the sport and the need to navigate various terrains and potential obstacles,” said Dr. Jamie Hiscox, co-owner of Tucson Optometry Clinic along with husband, Dr. Jake Hiscox. “It affects our balance and control, our judgement of speed and distance, our riding technique and our situational awareness.”

It’s a perfect match in being a sponsor for the 40th El Tour in November. They will be the Bike Valet Sponsor. Although they are not cyclists, they are fitness enthusiasts and know the importance of good eyesight when it comes to athletics. They also want athletes to know the importance, too.

“We are working to differentiate ourselves in the local optometry market by providing sports-vision specific exams and products,” Hiscox said. “Our goal is to meet the needs of patients in all types of athletic activity, whether that be cycling, running, gymnastics, shooting sports, etc.”

After a discussion with El Tour’s Christiana Smith, Director of Business Development, Hiscox realized “El Tour de Tucson would be a great opportunity to become more involved with the cycling community. Our head optician is an avid cyclist, and he is very excited to be involved in the event this year as a vendor. In the office we encourage people to set up an appointment and bring their bikes and helmets with them so that we can better tailor their prescription, frame, lenses and coatings to their specific needs.”

Tucson Optometry Clinic has been in business for over 50 years. Dr. Lindley started the practice in 1970 and the Hiscox’s purchased the practice from him when he retired about 12 years ago. They have two locations and three doctors.

“We are a very medically oriented practice,” she said “We diagnosis and treat all sorts of ocular diseases including glaucoma, macular degenerations, eye infections and foreign bodies. We also offer myopia control for children to help slow down the progression of their glasses and contact lens prescriptions.”

We welcome Tucson Optometry to the El Tour family.