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Chapman Automotive Group joins the 38th El Tour de Tucson

Perimeter Bicycling Association of America, Inc, announced today their partnership with the Chapman Automotive Group. Chapman Automotive Group, a family owned business deeply rooted and committed to delivering the best car ownership experience possible to Arizona residents since 1966, will…

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Las Adelas: A Super Group of Mexican Cyclists

It started with one, then another, and then, well, another. It’s now at 15 members. Like spokes in a wheel, the Las Adelas cycling group is strong, together and holding together a great group. Las Adelas is a powerhouse group…

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El Tour Zwifters are gaining steam; Join in on the fun!

Sixty El Tour de Tucson Zwifters took to the rolling roads of Innsbruck on Saturday. It’s the same course cyclists raced on at the 2018 Road World Championships. Once again, Twenty20 Team members led the way. Changing scenery from riding…

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