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Meet Robert “I want to go fast” Spackman

For 75 years – or so – Robert Spackman has ridden a bicycle with and for enjoyment. His dad, however, wished he had ridden something else. “He wanted me to ride horses,” Spackman said. Nope, his sister was “more the…

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For Michael Set, El Tour is always memorable

For Michael Set, the El Tour de Tucson is a memorable event for more reasons than one. Not only does it allow him to get out and do something he loves – cycle – but it also helps honor a…

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Every day is Earth Day for Cyclists

Every day is Earth Day for Ty Fine. It doesn’t always have to be April 22 on a wonderful day in Tucson. He’s pretty much always on his bike enjoying the Tucson weather. On Wednesday – mid-morning – Fine was…

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